Listening to Eric's CD3 right now...sounds good (more on that later) Got the new Lightning Bolt yesterday...sounds good (more on that later) I'm worried about something.  It's in my fucking head, just hanging out, fucking with me.  I'm going to be thinking ...Read More

So Eric's sick now.  We're both a couple of sickies.  Strangely, neither of our illnesses seems to be related to the cold ass fucking air outside... I have to go to work now... Read More


This is the Icebox kitchen as it appeared at 1:50pm EST. For perspective, check out the flowers as they were. It seemed a congruous visual metaphor for my physical state right now (well, save for the dead part). Can't keep anything down, ...Read More

I'm at the old job, and I have a technical question regarding the DNS status of a particular website, not sure if the MX records are configured correctly, et cetera, and the nice fellow Chet puts me on hold, which ...Read More

I'm likin' these new AC/DC reissues...the packaging could be a little better ("Dirty Deeds" omits the lyrics) but they are worth it for the old photos and the online videos you can "unlock" with each disc.  The vid for ''If ...Read More


had fun partying down like a 15-year-old last night, but today I'm paying for it like an 85 year-old.  Eric's been working extremely hard on his 3'' CD, which sounds spectacular.  I thought I worked hard on my CDs...he's been ...Read More


This is what it looked like today. [gallery link="file" columns="2"] Read More

So this morning I woke up to hear Eric mumbling to himself in the bathroom...something about newspapers and chocolates?  I dunno...guess he's entered his tortured genius phase... I'm going fucking crazy waiting for the new Lightning Bolt record to appear on ...Read More

Ugh. It's a shit swarm of eye strain and fattened ass. Wake up and work at the place that pays me, sit in front of a monitor and keyboard and a real nice mouse, eat lunch, sit back down, then ...Read More

everything I've sent in the last 4 days hasn't gone up...I'm tired of saying the same stuff a different way...fuck it.  I'm still whiny and apathetic...don't listen to me. Read More