0213gtrsLis­ten­ing to a “leaked” (KaZaa) copy of the new Cat Power album … You Are Free … actu­ally, speak­ing of free, I’m in a kind of denial, I think. Plenty of time, I con­vince myself, to fly to pay respects to dying grand­moth­ers, to try to make a decent CD for February’s release, to fin­ish the web­site you’re look­ing at, to work 2 jobs, to dilly about with pho­tographs, et cetera et cetera etc. … and suf­fice to say, none of this includes what­ever may be going on inter­nally, or within a more pri­vate life … yeah, as if all that wasn’t private …

It was Alert Level Orange while I was in NY last week (is it still?) and the Lib­er­tar­i­ans did the cra­zi­est thing … NYC’s poised to out­law toy guns that resem­ble real guns (color of gun is not an issue since any­one can score black spray­paint), and the Lib­er­tar­i­ans, of course, say no one should be able to tell them what they can or can­not buy for their chil­dren … and besides, that “resem­bles an actual gun” cri­te­ria is a real gray ocean …  the whole ban­ning move­ment got a shot in the arm a few weeks ago when a kid in East Harlem was shot to death after aim­ing a water­gun (painted black) at an under­cover cop … so these Libs go to grade schools in this very neigh­bor­hood, still wounded and sore from the inci­dent, and pro­ceed to hand out toy guns to kids. As you can imag­ine, the shit blows up.

Coo­ley thinks that the first track on the new Cat Power is about Kurt Cobain. Have any opin­ions? Email jason@ibrecords.com.

So in case any­one was even won­der­ing, Nana (my grand­mother) is com­ing along. I mean, she hasn’t walked yet, and is utterly incon­ti­nent, but she’s a fuck­ing champ. She’s gotta be, being mar­ried to Pop (my grand­fa­ther) for over 60 years … I mean, he almost broke me this past week … prac­ti­cally ground me into dust.

I can’t think about it. I have a 3″ to finish.