There are some peo­ple that really like Valentine’s Day…they might mark it off on their cal­en­dar by draw­ing a lit­tle heart in the box with a red marker, arrange a reser­va­tion at a nice restau­rant, send some sur­prise flow­ers with a cute lit­tle note inside cel­e­brat­ing their mutual affection…then there are those who dread this par­tic­u­lar day…they try not to look at the cal­en­dar because it will loom like a dead­line to them: that day where their gen­eral lone­li­ness will be pointed out every­where they look, a day that proves that other poten­tial hol­i­days such as Rich Person’s Day, or Disease-Free Person’s Day or Non-Homeless Person’s Day might just as well exist, a day that only cel­e­brates the happy peo­ple, leav­ing those less-fortunate ones under the rug…well I think you can guess where I am today.  Fuck you all.