Last Fri­day, Jan. 31 was the day this site went online, my new School Bus CD went on sale, and I had some weird seizure at work and fell down some stairs.  I don’t recall what hap­pened exactly, but after wan­der­ing around mum­bling inco­her­ently I was even­tu­ally res­cued by Eric and taken to the local ER, where I laid for two hours with a neck brace forced to lis­ten to this hor­ri­ble old woman’s rant­ing about God knows what…sure, she’d just had triple-bypass heart surgery, but still…They did a bunch of tests, X-rays, etc. and rec­om­mended I see another doc­tor.  All they could tell me was that my white blood cell count was high, twice the norm, and every­thing else seemed okay.  I was sup­posed to see this doc­tor yes­ter­day, but his recep­tion­ist wouldn’t make an appoint­ment with me with­out health insur­ance (I have none) or worker’s comp info (I can’t get any until I know what’s wrong with me, can’t know what’s wrong with me with­out see­ing this doc­tor).  It’s frus­trat­ing.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I hope it’s noth­ing seri­ous.  Prob­a­bly isn’t, but it’d be nice to know anyway.

So, wel­come to the site.  We (well, Eric.  I’ve been lay­ing around, mostly) have been work­ing hard to bring you some­thing good to look at and have fun with.  Our 3″ CD Series is a pretty great idea, I think, and I hope you take advan­tage of it.

Thanks, Jason