Now Eric’s gone so I’ve had lots of time to myself, alone in this house, drinkin’ PBR tall­boys and jerkin’ off the ‘puter.  My head feels like it’s got this heavy liq­uid inside of it, weigh­ing it down.  My neck is killing me.  Made the mis­take of going out to a bar last night, to try and com­bat my cur­rent lone­li­ness.  Saw mostly peo­ple I didn’t want to see, drunk kids bump­ing into me, feelin’ like an old man who can be knocked down so easily…going to see a doc­tor tomor­row.  Hope to find out what this shit is all about.

Today I thought about one of the low points of my life…February 1996.  I was liv­ing in this cruddy apt. with an old friend of mine.  There was only one heater in the place and it was so far away from my bed­room that I had to sleep in the liv­ing room.  We had these vio­lent red­neck kids liv­ing upstairs that some­times would just stomp on the floor for hours.  After a month of this we moved out.  I slept there the last night on the floor, my coat as a blan­ket, next to the heater.  When I woke up the next morn­ing I was home­less.  All of my stuff was in a base­ment some­where.  I went to get some cof­fee and read about my then-band The Fags in the local paper.  The Fags were Eugene’s band.  Now he’s in a great band called Gogol Bordello…check ‘em out.