it has been six hours since we spoke... anything amazing happen to you in six hours? jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: yeah jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: on my way to work ashcarr30@ says: yeah, what jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: this old guy walking in my direction jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: passed out and fell on his face ashcarr30@says: are you telling ...Read More


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There are some people that really like Valentine's Day...they might mark it off on their calendar by drawing a little heart in the box with a red marker, arrange a reservation at a nice restaurant, send some surprise flowers with ...Read More


Listening to a "leaked" (KaZaa) copy of the new Cat Power album ... You Are Free ... actually, speaking of free, I'm in a kind of denial, I think. Plenty of time, I convince myself, to fly to pay respects ...Read More

I'm IM chatting with my former roommate.  She's leaving for China soon.  She's talking about fancy apartments and playing squash and stuff...it's making me a little sad.  I guess I don't want her to go.  Not much I can do ...Read More

A small garden shrine nestled away at Our Sisters of Mercy.

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I'm going back to work tonight, after sitting around the Icebox house for the past 12 days.  I'm waiting tables.  Yee haw. I'm doing my taxes now.  Everybody...don't put off doing your taxes!  Do them today!  You'll get your money back ...Read More


I just found out it's going to be a month until I find out what's wrong with me.  I think I know anyway...ironically, the doc I'm seeing is the father of this ultra-conservative kid I went to high school with.  ...Read More

Waiting around the house for an important phone call.  I had some trouble sleeping last night after watching this gruesome HBO special about cannibalistic murderers.  The last guy they reported on was this creepy Japanese guy who shot and ate ...Read More

I wish I had the balls to go and try out for the singing position in that other Guns n' Roses band...I guess I could just scream into my computer and send it to them...but I'm a wuss.  They turned ...Read More