So … after an embar­rass­ing amount of time, the CDs start com­ing out … you get sounds you can live with out of your machine … can’t find the time to record all the things you want to try out … and this web­site, the work going in, the time, all accounted for, each moment … and its all good, every moment of hav­ing not enough time … then your best friend has a seizure out of the blue and can’t remem­ber what hap­pened or what he’s done or what you’ve said to him … then your grand­mother has res­pi­ra­tory fail­ure and winds up in the hos­pi­tal you were born in … Vic­tory Memo­r­ial Hos­pi­tal, Bay Ridge, B’klyn … ICU … the rel­a­tives with whom you barely speak to start com­mu­ni­cat­ing, the hive is fren­zied, and you’re look­ing at flights that depart hours from now.

So. I hope you enjoy kick­ing around IB Records in its nascent stages. Lots’ll be com­ing. But I have to be going.