Certeza Si es real la luz blanca de esta lámpara, real la mano que escribe, ¿son reales los ojos que miran los escrito? De una palabra a la otra lo que digo se desvanece. Yo sé que estoy vivo entre dos paréntesis. -Octavio Paz Read More

Morning. Waiting to go to the airport. Much calmer. Listening to "Shh/Peaceful" --  track one of of Miles's In a Silent Way ... this may be my favorite album of all time, certainly one I may've listened to the most ...Read More

Well, this has started to really suck. It's snowing here, somewhat with fervor, and I'm stressing the fuck out. I realize my raincoat is missing, something I'll probably need seeing as I'll be in some rainforest bullshit, duh, so I ...Read More


So Last night, screaming my head off, banging on the bass guitar, getting the usual bloody right wrist. Next morning, waiting on a bunch of 12 year old girls, forgetting about my ugly bloody wrist.  One of them saw it and went ...Read More

A small note, the resounding punchline intact  .... the way Cooley sings a Bon Scott tune ... the sincerity of a rock notion ... the slur of a drunk. Read More

Got sick over the course of last evening ... woke up knowing I had a fever due to my dreams ... fine fine form ... performing a Led Loco show from a large 4 post bed, all of us in ...Read More


Here's a review from this week's Seven Days: E_O, LACUNA (Icebox Records, 3-inch CD) Burlington’s Icebox Records continues its monthly 3-inch CD series with another dreamy, beautiful collection of understated art-pop. At the plate this time is label co-founder Eric Olsen, masquerading as ...Read More

COOLEY: last night I had a dream that I was involved in a plane crash and stranded in Maine.  I went to a record store there and saw "Dirty" on double vinyl, so I bought it for you, since ...Read More

Well it's a dog eat dog Eat cat too The French eat frog And I eat you Long live Bon Scott. Read More

Ok, as you can probably guess, Jason's story of the shooting wasn't exactly accurate. First of all, there was no dealing like a table Gretzky or anything like it the card simply hit Cooley's towers of chips and fell face ...Read More