beard removal machineWell, ok, fuck it. The CD3 is done, the album art is done (I guess), the cd art is being made today … now all that’s left is to get some sem­blance of my life back in order. My mus­cles ache and my lips are chapped so bad they’re bleed­ing. Took off the beard … what sim­plic­ity. Car won’t start, but fuck it, where’m I going to drive to any­way? Weather sup­posed to be warmer today, but it’s not look­ing too likely, what, with “feels like –15″ as the cur­rent out­look at 8:49am? Nah.

Then there’s the house … sham­bles. Chords every­where, amps, MDs askew … under­wear may as well be hang­ing from door­knobs all over the house. I’m going to clean the house and then buy a plane ticket to a Cen­tral Amer­i­can coun­try that will remain name­less. Seri­ously. And although I won’t leave for a few weeks, I gotta get my Span­ish on … feel­ing rusty.

Keep it sim­ple, stu­pid. Cof­fee and yogurt, soup in the evening.