Well, this has started to really suck. It’s snow­ing here, some­what with fer­vor, and I’m stress­ing the fuck out. I real­ize my rain­coat is miss­ing, some­thing I’ll prob­a­bly need see­ing as I’ll be in some rain­for­est bull­shit, duh, so I fig­ure, hey, it’s prob­a­bly in my old car which is parked around the block. No wor­ries, I go to a small din­ner party with some close chums, that comes to a close, I stop at Kinko’s to make copies of my pass­port for security’s sake, then maybe stop by the car to see if my raincoat’s in there…and besides, I’ve got a tool­box in the trunk there … well, it’s gone!!! Holy fuck­ing shit!!!  No way to deal with it now, at 10:19pm … and I leave in the morn­ing. Oh, the fees that some bull­shit tow­ing will accrue by the time I get back. What the fuck?!@?!@?

UGH! A loss, do I call it?

Pack­ing, surely miss­ing things left and right, such as rain­coats and things of the ilk. What the fuck?!? And Nana’s had a stroke in Brook­lyn this week. Par­tial paral­y­sis. And I’m on a plane to vol­ca­noes and trop­i­cal beaches and water­front pala­pas … guilty and wet, drip­ping, tired, bull­shit san­dals and a face­ful of lotion …

I’m fuck­ing pissed. Fuck this. See you whenever.