A guy who posts on the Kochalka web­site forum “Steveistops” turns out to be a writ­ing edi­tor for PLAYBOY.  Some­how he hooks Kochalka up with this really hot play­mate.  They are going at it in my liv­ing room.  She has nice red panties on.  I leave and go to work.  My bosses are think­ing of mak­ing a com­plaint to the Muzak com­pany.  They feel that the musi­cal choices that Muzak is pro­vid­ing lacks vari­ety and that cus­tomers don’t even know it’s there.  I think of peo­ple like Mark Arm work­ing at the Muzak place to make ends meet and put forth the idea that if the cus­tomers don’t know the music is there, then the Muzak peo­ple are doing their job, the whole point of their exis­tence is to pro­vide music that doesn’t chal­lenge the lis­tener or dis­rupt his meal.  If the cus­tomer notices the music, then there is a prob­lem.  I don’t remem­ber how this went over.  I leave to get cof­fee.   Then I see my old room­mate Ash­ley on the street and tell her I’m not really a detec­tive.  She says she knows and starts laugh­ing and then I wake up.