Messy RoomThis is the scene in my room last night as I began work on the next School Bus CD3, ten­ta­tively titled “Earshot, Side 1″.  It’s the first side of a whole album…maybe it’ll turn into a dou­ble or a triple album, I don’t know.  But you’ll be get­ting one side at a time, then maybe a box-set.  It’s a lit­tle noisy so far, with the usual 70’s funk breaks.  I was at work yes­ter­day and it was dead, so I started scrawl­ing ideas down on a piece of paper and sud­denly got super-psyched to start record­ing these ideas but of course these old guys came in and hung out for more than two hours, keep­ing me there all day…I was going fuck­ing nuts, slowly los­ing what­ever drive I had.  I finally got home and com­menced work, but by then it was too late.  I was a lit­tle tired and it took me three hours to exe­cute one three-minute idea.  Actu­ally, I guess that ain’t too bad.  At least I got started.