I’m sit­ting here lis­ten­ing to the 30th anniver­sary reis­sue remas­tered “Dark Side of the Moon” CD really loud.  I don’t have a SACD player so I can’t access the new 5.1 sur­round sound remix thing…oh, well.  Say what you will about Pink Floyd and every­thing, this is a good fuck­ing album.  Really well recorded, mixed, etc.  Lyrics are good and cyn­i­cal.  “Us and Them” is play­ing right now and it sounds nice and pretty, ana­logue delay…they stu­pidly redid the cover art­work for some rea­son, prob­a­bly to attract the Floyd freaks that already own ten copies of this record.  I only have the vinyl.  Ooh, “Brain Damage”…good song.