So the dead­line has passed, and the 24hr news sta­tions are freak­ing out, they’ve got their cam­eras fixed on mosque domes and pres­i­den­tial palaces hop­ing for a grand ol kinetic shot of Strangelove drop­pings … you could go to your (favorite) online news source and just keep hit­ting refresh — the head­line would change every minute of so … troops amassed on the bor­der … troops hum­ming old Madonna melodies … troops miss­ing home … what­ever the fuck. And really, its not some­thing to joke about, but then again …

Insan­ity, maybe. I’m between shifts, prep­ping up to go to job # 2: Bar­tend­ing, the Ulti­mate Moon­light­ing Gig, and am curi­ous to see the gen­eral sen­ti­ment and feel­ing (and “vibe”, if you will) of the cus­tomers, espe­cially as bombs light Bagh­dad up all green for us on CNN Head­line News … “get­ting bombed” may be the poor pun of the evening … I may bring my sur­vival knife … a head­line I saw today said, “Bagh­dad: sleep­walk­ing its way into his­tory” … huh. I had no idea we were con­tend­ing with a rogue crew of crooked som­nam­bu­lists! Well, fuck­ing A, let’s blow some shit up!

Hey, for shits and gig­gles, check out this army movie we made this week­end in the car … it’s Quick­time, and doesn’t have sound yet, but it seemed appropriate.

Flickr Video

May God bless us, each and every one.