nice niceI miss Nice Nice. I miss my friends in this FUCKING AWESOME BAND. I haven’t seen them in for­ever, and con­tact has been some­what strained (I just mis-typed “stained,” and I’m pon­der­ing the sig­nifi­gance, if any). I was to move out there and con­tinue musi­cal endeav­ors we’ve shared and gone through in the past (many of which have been “inter­rupted” or just plain ruined by var­i­ous drug habits of mine), and after spend­ing a good amount of time in Czech, I returned to the States con­fused and some­what wary of cross-country travel (it was just post 9/11). Con­ver­sa­tions got sparse, surely with tremen­dous influ­ence by my reluc­tance to have them think I was let­ting them down. (Shit, I’m lis­ten­ing to their recent 7″ “There Will Be Slo­gans”, a par­tic­u­lar song enti­tled “Call Reluc­tance” … is it a coin­ci­dence? Is it about our reluc­tance to break said ice?) Now it’s become plain embar­rass­ing. I have dreams of my con­ver­sa­tions with Jason (Buehler, guitarist…my first great Jason…my sec­ond and cur­rent is Cooley).

Any­way, this isn’t what I started this entry for. Well, in a way it was. Hav­ing just fin­ished the new CD, it feels empty with­out hav­ing some peo­ple you really love lis­ten to it, share it with .…

Go now imme­di­ately and seek them out, buy their shit! For their lat­est 7″ and an MP3 you can check out, go to

Get their s/t 3“CD at Archi­gramo­phone Records:

See their web­site before it goes big:

And what­ever you do, don’t stain or strain your ties with those who you love.