Going to see God­speed You! Black Emperor tonight…

Light­ning Bolt has been sur­round­ing my brain lately.  When at home I play them LOUD LOUD LOUD, then I go to work and they’re stuck in my head while I wait­ing on tables and mak­ing bloody marys.

Going to see a neu­rol­o­gist on Wednes­day.  Woo hoo.

USA JASONThis pic is from Sep­tem­ber 12, 2001.  The morn­ing of 9/11 I had just pur­chased a plane ticket to NYC…then a few min­utes later the first plane hit.  Obvi­ously my flight was can­celled, so I ended up tak­ing a bus to Martha’s Vine­yard and shut­ting out the rest of the world for a few days.  That my towel is an Amer­i­can flag is a total coincidence…we were so shut out of what was going on, we were unaware of the flagfest that was hap­pen­ing every­where else.  I only really thought about what had hap­pened on a few occasions…first when I saw the boxes of blood being deliv­ered to NYC via the bus I was on, sec­ond when the bus went through Boston and I saw some tall build­ings, and third when I was rid­ing the ferry out to the island, watch­ing the seag­ulls keep­ing up with us.  After that it was swim­ming in the ocean, drink­ing good wine, eat­ing sword­fish and acci­den­tally par­ty­ing with the BRMC.  Strange days, indeed.  Most pecu­liar, mama…roll!