I’m here lis­ten­ing to a recent SY show on my MD walkman…great ver­sions of “Cot­ton Crown”, “Can­dle”, etc…reminds me of fun weird times I’ve had with Sonic Youth, like the time when I was still in high school, lis­ten­ing to “Day­dream Nation” on head­phones, trip­ping on acid by myself in the dark.  The CD started skip­ping dur­ing “Total Trash” and some­how I thought it was just SY bash­ing on some crazy rhythm, I sat there lis­ten­ing to it for a long time before I real­ized what was up.  A few months later I got “EVOL” on vinyl and put it on.  I fell asleep some­where dur­ing side two and woke up hours later to the locked groove churn­ing super­loud like some alarm clock from hell.  Or the time a friend of mine took me to NYC for the first time to see them play for free in Cen­tral Park.  Sen­sory over­load look­ing at all the build­ings and lights, try­ing to be cool, but def­i­nitely not being cool.  Or get­ting advance vinyl of “Exper­i­men­tal Jet­set” only to have my apart­ment build­ing burn down later that night.  Or get­ting destroyed by Light­ning Bolt in Rhode Island.  Sonic Youth won’t be break­ing up any time soon, and that’s a good thing.