042203jasonx12sculptFuck­ing sick again.  This sucks.  You know how it is, no need to explain.

May is going to be a busy month around here.  Fin­ish­ing up the School Bus ”Blue But­ton” CD, mix­ing some Kochalka tracks, fin­ish­ing up the Kochalka album, prepar­ing for the very first School Bus live per­for­mance (May 17, w/ Swale at Radio Bean), Kochalka gig open­ing for Mike Watt (May 3, Higher Ground), tooth extrac­tion (May 16), and finally, pick­ing up Led LO/CO at the air­port (always a fun job) and dri­ving them to their marathon gigs at Red Square (May 9) and Nectar’s (May 24).

James Kochalka depicts me in his comics as a dog with a robot brain.  When we went to Okla­homa last year (which has become the sub­ject of a tune on ”Blue But­ton”) we were pre­sented by a girlie named Heather Peanut with sculp­tures of our char­ac­ters.  Thanks, Heather.