I brought an MD recorder and a stereo mic down to Central America with me and got a good amount of field recordings/soundscapes/what have you ... now, on the rainy forefront of Spring in VT, I'm two weeks back alongside ...Read More

I just coughed.  I'm sick.  Just in time for spring.  2003 has been the year of health problems for me.  Eyes, brain, teeth, knuckles, back, neck...what the hell happened? The next School Bus CD will either be called "Blue Button" or ...Read More


Cooley's new outing is sounding great ... really looking forward to it, as you all should be as well. I'm way too tired to try to say something coherent, but I will be trying to offer an image a day ...Read More


Yes, the windows are open and the coffee is full and the stereo exudes Vert's Nine Types of Ambiguity with an excitement that can only mean spring up and kicking ... nevertheless, the world is coming to a point upon ...Read More


Our former Icebox roomie, Ashley, writes from the Bigger Country: there are all these men outside my building doing construction-- they bring all the construction workers in from other towns because the labor is so much cheaper... so most have them ...Read More

Got another letter from the anonymous Girls Love Cooley Club.  Guess they saw me on my way to Pure Pop the other day.  Did I have any records under my arm?  Probably.  I wonder who they are. My right hand is ...Read More

Been to a few rock shows in the past week...Thursday was Daniel Johnston, you know about that. Friday was Cat Power.  Mmmmm...Chan.  All that shit people say about her, her rep for being difficult, I didn't see much of that, maybe ...Read More


On Saturday, March 8th, 2003 at 7:05pm, my dear, dear friends Jennifer and Radek were blessed with a beautiful son, Maximilian Felice Helia weighing 3.8kg, measuring 52cm. I haven't had the opportunity to congratulate them appropriately yet, but this is a ...Read More

went out, got drunk last night bruises on my knuckles, balloon around my head ugh why do I do it? more later Read More

an email I just sent to Lentz: so I saw Daniel Johnston last night.  Jesus.  I must explain. I got there with James and Amy and Kimya Dawson played in front of 20 people.  I was expecting her to suck (I don't know why) but ...Read More