041703ashleyOur for­mer Ice­box roomie, Ash­ley, writes from the Big­ger Coun­try:

there are all these men out­side my build­ing doing con­struc­tion– they bring all the con­struc­tion work­ers in from other towns because the labor is so much cheaper… so most have them have never seen many west­ern­ers… so when­ever i walk by all work stops and they give me the ”chi­nese stare” that i have become very famil­iar with at this point.  they build these lit­tle tem­po­rary shel­ters for them to live in but they seem to be work­ing 24 hours a day– prob­a­bly are.  so i use the few things i know how to say in man­darin and try and be polite.. next week i start my man­darin classes so when i hear them say­ing stuff maybe now i will know what the hell it is..

so i was think­ing about that night in burling­ton that we shut down three needs, broke glasses on the floor, had silly dances, and then a ren­di­tion of man bites dog … that was a good night!

She for­got to men­tion the final glass she tried to throw from the pas­sen­ger seat of my car … she failed to notice that the win­dow was closed, and threw a half-full Cape Cod at the pane of tem­pered glass sep­a­rat­ing her from the quiet 4am street.

Twas awe­some. I miss that girl.