040803bedroomsetupInstrument>sampler>multiple delay boxes>4 track tape recorder>live stereo mix>computer.  Then I sit there and move the mouse around for a while.  What do I get?  Music.  Today I rubbed a wine glass and got some pretty noise.

So…a week ago I got a ‘get well’ card from “The GLC”.  Wasn’t sure what to make of it, but­now I’ve got­ten email cor­re­spon­dence from them as well.  Turns out GLC stands for “Girls Love Coo­ley” (I thought it was “Good Luck Club”).  I’m down with it.  Ran­dom anony­mous ado­ra­tion is cool in my book, and just what I need, in fact.  Too bad I’ll prob­a­bly never get to meet them, though, cause you know, Coo­ley loves girls, too.