I’ve seen 3 doc­u­men­taries in the past week, all excel­lent: Super Size Me (you know this one), The Con­trol Room (about the Ara­bic tele­vi­sion news net­work Al Jazeera), and last night’s Fahren­heit 9/11 (you def­i­nitely know this one, and con­trary to what some sug­gest, it is def­i­nitely a fac­tual doc­u­ment of our times).  I love doc­u­men­taries.  Can’t get enough.  Doc­u­men­taries are learn­ing expe­ri­ences, and for some­one who fuck­ing hated school, they are a god­send.  What I’ll say about 9/11 is that it made me very afraid, because there is a very good chance that evil will pre­vail and Bush will get reelected.  If he is, I can’t fathom where the world will be 4 years from now.

But about documentaries…they seem to be get­ting more and more pop­u­lar.  Obvi­ously 9/11 is a big­gie, but I can’t help but won­der if the whole Reality-TV craze has helped ease the gen­eral pub­lic into actu­ally find­ing these films inter­est­ing.  Because last I knew, the word doc­u­men­tary had a big bor­ing PBS cardigan-wearing stigma around it.  ”It’s a doc­u­men­tary.”  ”Ewwwwwwwwwww.”  Now I’m imag­ing (with the help of the advent of the dig­i­tal video cam­era age) a whole slew of doc­u­men­taries com­ing soon, about every­thing you can imag­ine.  It’ll prob­a­bly get pretty shitty…there’ll be movies about smelly socks and work­ing in record stores…but I’ll bet there’ll be some good ones, too.  Just about any­thing is inter­est­ing if pre­sented real­is­ti­cally (now the word real has a stigma to it…of gaudy fak­e­ness).  Um…what the fuck am I talk­ing about?  I don’t know.

Bought some records a few days ago.  Felt good.  Saw !!! last fri­day with Olsen and Gus­tav.  Also felt good (thanks Mia!).  Good good good.  (Try­ing to moti­vate myself into some pos­tive think­ing.  Is it work­ing? Nope.)