Wait­ing for a server to reboot at work, kill 2 min­utes … think­ing about our car ser­vice fel­low this morn­ing, blaz­ing down the Van Wyck at 85 or 90 mph, a wild man behind the wheel, and I didn’t even bother to buckle, enjoy­ing the 8am sun on my face through the Town­car win­dows … then I get on a plane, the respectable nav­i­ga­tors, and it’s trem­ble and dither and the head­phones can never be loud enough to drown out the rat­tle and hum (sorry, it just came out) of the plane … and now, I’ve fallen asleep almost a dozen times star­ing at these screens, eyes singed, sand­pa­per mouth, an ass­ful of gas.

But, oh, Japan!!