Yeah, back.  I’m gonna be hon­est: it’s strange.  But here I go.

I work at the bar across the street these days.  It’s some­what soul-crushing.  I watch a lot of grown men in their for­ties and fifties who I was raised to respect as my elders while grow­ing up act like fuck­ing chil­dren, and I am their babysit­ter.  They even throw fits when I have to dis­ci­pline (“Sorry.  I can’t serve you any­more.”) them.  The money is good, but man, I am just get­ting worn out.

I’ve lost a lot of weight.  My girl­friend left me a while back and for some rea­son (well, I just told you the rea­son) it’s been hard to eat.  But at least I can wear those Levis Sil­vertab pants I bought ten years ago again.  In the divorce I got cus­tody of her tur­tles.  The other day while feed­ing them, Oliver (the nice one) bit Eli’s (the aggres­sive one) tail and wouldn’t let go.  It was horrible.

I also took John Hodg­man and Justin Long’s advice and went from PC to Mac.  So far, soooo good.

I’ve had this Jon­estown Death Tape ambi­ent project in my head for a year now, but I’ve been work­ing too much and am frankly just too depressed lately to do it.  Also, I have this awe­some new com­puter and I have to learn how to use it first.

I have a new room­mate named Flynn.  She’s cool.  She makes me food and stuff and watches TV with me.  She also has a one-eyed pet rat named Wilma who bit me (and Kochalka) the other day.

Any­way, Eric is doing an amaz­ing job revamp­ing the site, and I’ve got noth­ing to do with it.  He’s the brains behind all this, I’m the guy who tags along.