I just walked by an old woman hold­ing up an “IMPEACH OBAMA” sign that also asked why did WT7 fall on 9/11.  My ques­tion was “What in the fly­ing fuck­ing fuck does Obama have to do with 9/11?”  I kept walk­ing silently, think­ing about how hor­ri­ble and stu­pid human­ity can be, but then I saw a lit­tle flock of spar­rows in front of the post office.  They were hop­ping back and forth off of a gate and onto some bushes.  They seemed quite happy and con­tent.  They were hav­ing fun being cool lit­tle birds.  And then I real­ized that for every suck-ass moron who revs up his crotch-rocket and speeds through red lights, there’s some­thing awe­some and beautiful…like Abe.  Abe Lin­coln, the coolest dog in the world.  He passed away yes­ter­day.  He liked beer.  abe