I'm here listening to a recent SY show on my MD walkman...great versions of "Cotton Crown", "Candle", etc...reminds me of fun weird times I've had with Sonic Youth, like the time when I was still in high school, listening to ...Read More

HOT GIRLS IN LOVE Loverboy She's so young at heart She likes the pleasure of his company She cuts the inside groove With her silver spoon She likes her tapes on 10 And it's the same as her anatomy She's on a rainbow bruise All the way to my ...Read More


Fucking sick again.  This sucks.  You know how it is, no need to explain. May is going to be a busy month around here.  Finishing up the School Bus ''Blue Button'' CD, mixing some Kochalka tracks, finishing up the Kochalka album, ...Read More

I just coughed.  I'm sick.  Just in time for spring.  2003 has been the year of health problems for me.  Eyes, brain, teeth, knuckles, back, neck...what the hell happened? The next School Bus CD will either be called "Blue Button" or ...Read More

Got another letter from the anonymous Girls Love Cooley Club.  Guess they saw me on my way to Pure Pop the other day.  Did I have any records under my arm?  Probably.  I wonder who they are. My right hand is ...Read More

Been to a few rock shows in the past week...Thursday was Daniel Johnston, you know about that. Friday was Cat Power.  Mmmmm...Chan.  All that shit people say about her, her rep for being difficult, I didn't see much of that, maybe ...Read More

went out, got drunk last night bruises on my knuckles, balloon around my head ugh why do I do it? more later Read More

So I had sort of a breakthrough yesterday, with the music stuff.  I was getting pretty depressed about how things were going, but now I've tripped over some ideas and they sound good.  I even think they can be performed ...Read More


Instrument>sampler>multiple delay boxes>4 track tape recorder>live stereo mix>computer.  Then I sit there and move the mouse around for a while.  What do I get?  Music.  Today I rubbed a wine glass and got some pretty noise. So...a week ago I got ...Read More


Sorry...been out to lunch for the last couple days. Best records so far this year (that I've heard): "Wonderful Rainbow" by Lightning Bolt "Up In Flames" by Manitoba "Summer Sun" by Yo La Tengo "Dartmouth Street Underpass" by Keith Fullerton Whitman "Parellel Universe" by DJ Broken ...Read More