Field­ings — Vol­ume 1

Fieldings 1

Real-time com­po­si­tions pre­sented with­out the use of tra­di­tional per­for­mance tools. The first in a series by var­i­ous artists.

  1. Apoc­a­lypse Mao
  2. French (Cana­dian) Horn
  3. Mon­key Mon­key Mon­key Then I Go
  4. Five Dol­lar Watch
  5. Wor­ship 1
  6. As Much As I’m Into John Cage
  7. Hey Mis­ter DJ
  8. Bach’s Cha­conne in Dm
  9. La Bam­bita
  10. The Lit­tle Bird Can Come Back Alive and Sue
  11. Wor­ship 2



Eric Olsen’s first solo release finds him mar­ry­ing beauty with noise, melan­choly with dis­gust, relax­ation with anger. Under­neath the blan­ket of gui­tar, strings, and piano lies a lyri­cal doc­u­ment of a few years passed fraught with dis­ap­point­ment, loss, and redemp­tion. Sounds like bull­shit? Then con­sider it 6 songs with a burn­ing house on the cover.

“Lacuna is a record that should not be missed.”
–Seven Days

  1. 31
  2. fill­ing the space
  3. come in three
  4. lud­low
  5. sug­ar­wa­ter
  6. thanks for always