Painless by School Bus

The first install­ment of our 3″ Series is the prod­uct of a year’s worth of ennui. Made on Jason’s bed with a sam­pler and a cou­ple of delay ped­als, pain­less is the sound­track for a long lonely bus­ride and is intended to be lis­tened to with head­phones. If that sounds pre­ten­tious, wait until you actu­ally hear it! This 20 minute mas­ter­piece was made pos­si­ble by Bud­weiser and klonopin.

  1. Like a Racehorse
  2. radio
  3. Ashes
  4. Last Call
  5. With Sun­shine
  6. Pain­less
  7. I Want To

Blue But­ton

Blue Button

Songs about girls with no words. Side 1 of the equiv­a­lent of a dou­ble album (dou­ble albums have 4 sides).

  1. Drink­ing Games
  2. Radio # 3
  3. Fail­ing Upwards
  4. One More Sunday

Don’t Jesus Me

Don't Jesus Me by School Bus

Good morn­ing Jason–

I hope you’ll call me back. I’m wor­ried about these headaches and hope you already have your appoint­ment with the MD. I also checked forum to see what she’s talk­ing about and read about how your fam­ily came up from the fecal facade and how you wished you’d die. Now I’m hop­ing you’re not talk­ing about me.
Love, mom

  1. Sad Crew
  2. My Song Is This
  3. Don’t Jesus Me
  4. The Under­neath
  5. Big Blue
  6. Vieil­lisant
  7. Lost
  8. School St.