“… lead­ers of a new Burling­ton sound — a smart fusion of art-rock and exper­i­men­tal pop…offers fur­ther proof of the band’s col­lec­tive song­writ­ing abilities.…The title cut might be the pret­ti­est tune about a plane crash ever set to tape.”
- Ethan Covey, Seven Days

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  1. Armadillo
  2. Water­land­ing
  3. Wasser­lan­dung
  4. The Down



Verdi­gris (n) : 1. A green­ish blue poi­so­nous pig­ment result­ing from the action of acetic acid on cop­per, for­merly used in med­i­cine. 2. Antic­i­pa­tion and remorse, imper­fect angels, lover’s shud­ders; the space between spaces; music nearly rup­tur­ing with holy tones; a slow sashay with the ghosts of rock ’n‘ roll.

Take your­self off the life-support machine, Sun­shine— you won’t be need­ing it anymore.

  1. Can­cer
  2. Dime­drop
  3. Good Med­i­cine
  4. Soft Fire­works