of this afternoon, the next School Bus CD, "Blue Button" is more than halfway finished. Got some new AC/DC reissues today..."Let There Be Rock" and "Powerage", both probably the heaviest of their catalog.  You can't play them loud enough. I'm off ...Read More


No time for shit. Work from 9 to 6 go to Kinkos and cut up some shit for the new 3" package em up with Cooley at our cold white table write this go to job #2 until just about 4am. Yeah Mom. This is why ...Read More


Fucking sick again.  This sucks.  You know how it is, no need to explain. May is going to be a busy month around here.  Finishing up the School Bus ''Blue Button'' CD, mixing some Kochalka tracks, finishing up the Kochalka album, ...Read More

I just coughed.  I'm sick.  Just in time for spring.  2003 has been the year of health problems for me.  Eyes, brain, teeth, knuckles, back, neck...what the hell happened? The next School Bus CD will either be called "Blue Button" or ...Read More


Cooley's new outing is sounding great ... really looking forward to it, as you all should be as well. I'm way too tired to try to say something coherent, but I will be trying to offer an image a day ...Read More


Yes, the windows are open and the coffee is full and the stereo exudes Vert's Nine Types of Ambiguity with an excitement that can only mean spring up and kicking ... nevertheless, the world is coming to a point upon ...Read More

It can be be so fucking hard to make myself do something.  I'm trying to force myself to go downstairs and start work on something musical, but it ain't happening.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Once I'm there ...Read More


Here's a review from this week's Seven Days: E_O, LACUNA (Icebox Records, 3-inch CD) Burlington’s Icebox Records continues its monthly 3-inch CD series with another dreamy, beautiful collection of understated art-pop. At the plate this time is label co-founder Eric Olsen, masquerading as ...Read More

Cooley trombone

Sure, take it as it comes. Take a picture. Remember the moment you laughed hardest today, then take it with you. It rains as we bomb. What a glorious morning, I'm happy again. (Ah, Debbie Reynolds coming back to mind ... ...Read More

Messy Room

This is the scene in my room last night as I began work on the next School Bus CD3, tentatively titled "Earshot, Side 1".  It's the first side of a whole album...maybe it'll turn into a double or a triple ...Read More