not much to say...listening to malkmus and the jicks. the records are selling and people seem to like 'em. weather's getting warmer and my mood is getting better.  I love spring.  I love all the seasons excepting winter.  So why do I ...Read More


Our first official customer, Tim Beckhardt of Pennsylvania, sent in this great little cartoon. Thanks, Tim! In other news, I'm lonely.  That's about it. Read More


Jeremy Fredrick, drummer extraordinaire and all around rhythm wizard, has just left the building. We're recording some of his pieces for a CD3, and we're very excited. Tonight, we recorded a caustic version of Dizzy Gillespie's "Toccata from Gillepiana" ... ...Read More

at the Bolt

Woke up with the small heavy head, like a densely packed object you could hold in your hands ... contents under pressure ... which is not as bad as it may seem. Good date for numerology, or at least for people ...Read More


Productive days make life seem so healthy and on track, despite the fact that 1 week ago this moment (5:06pm) I was ear-deep in barsmoke and sealed in the bag. Me and Jason, Jason and I, off to the bank, ...Read More

beard removal machine

Well, ok, fuck it. The CD3 is done, the album art is done (I guess), the cd art is being made today ... now all that's left is to get some semblance of my life back in order. My muscles ...Read More


Here's what they said over at Seven Days: SCHOOL BUS, PAINLESS (Icebox Records, IB3-001 3-inch CD) School Bus’ latest effort is the inaugural release of a 3-inch CD series from Burlington-based Icebox Records. Mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Jason Cooley, a.k.a. School Bus, has previously ...Read More


had fun partying down like a 15-year-old last night, but today I'm paying for it like an 85 year-old.  Eric's been working extremely hard on his 3'' CD, which sounds spectacular.  I thought I worked hard on my CDs...he's been ...Read More


Listening to a "leaked" (KaZaa) copy of the new Cat Power album ... You Are Free ... actually, speaking of free, I'm in a kind of denial, I think. Plenty of time, I convince myself, to fly to pay respects ...Read More

I'm IM chatting with my former roommate.  She's leaving for China soon.  She's talking about fancy apartments and playing squash and's making me a little sad.  I guess I don't want her to go.  Not much I can do ...Read More