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Got sick over the course of last evening ... woke up knowing I had a fever due to my dreams ... fine fine form ... performing a Led Loco show from a large 4 post bed, all of us in ...Read More

COOLEY: last night I had a dream that I was involved in a plane crash and stranded in Maine.  I went to a record store there and saw "Dirty" on double vinyl, so I bought it for you, since ...Read More

dream: A guy who posts on the Kochalka website forum "Steveistops" turns out to be a writing editor for PLAYBOY.  Somehow he hooks Kochalka up with this really hot playmate.  They are going at it in my living room.  She has ...Read More

Waiting around the house for an important phone call.  I had some trouble sleeping last night after watching this gruesome HBO special about cannibalistic murderers.  The last guy they reported on was this creepy Japanese guy who shot and ate ...Read More