PB 1971 cover

I bought two old magazines that both had a great affect on my life. I purchased them at Speaking Volumes, a great record/book/art store here in ol' Burlin'ton. I went there initially to get an old Playboy but ...Read More

this is cooley

In going through some of the old entries while moving them over to the new website, I found this gem of photo on a Lightning Bolt site. It was taken by god know who at the show at Lupo's in ...Read More

at the Bolt

Woke up with the small heavy head, like a densely packed object you could hold in your hands ... contents under pressure ... which is not as bad as it may seem. Good date for numerology, or at least for people ...Read More


So, just to let you all know...we've hit a tiny snag in getting our shit available to you online...it won't be much longer...little mini-CDs will be finding their way to you shortly... I'm going to a potluck dinner tonight.  I'm trying ...Read More