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I just coughed.  I'm sick.  Just in time for spring.  2003 has been the year of health problems for me.  Eyes, brain, teeth, knuckles, back, neck...what the hell happened? The next School Bus CD will either be called "Blue Button" or ...Read More


Yes, the windows are open and the coffee is full and the stereo exudes Vert's Nine Types of Ambiguity with an excitement that can only mean spring up and kicking ... nevertheless, the world is coming to a point upon ...Read More


Our former Icebox roomie, Ashley, writes from the Bigger Country: there are all these men outside my building doing construction-- they bring all the construction workers in from other towns because the labor is so much cheaper... so most have them ...Read More


On Saturday, March 8th, 2003 at 7:05pm, my dear, dear friends Jennifer and Radek were blessed with a beautiful son, Maximilian Felice Helia weighing 3.8kg, measuring 52cm. I haven't had the opportunity to congratulate them appropriately yet, but this is a ...Read More

Yeah, whatta vacation. Fucking hell. Migracion took forever in San Jose airport, they fully dissected my backpack, going so far as to unstitch some of the stitching, think they may've had a laugh at my vat of pomade, and then ...Read More

COOLEY: last night I had a dream that I was involved in a plane crash and stranded in Maine.  I went to a record store there and saw "Dirty" on double vinyl, so I bought it for you, since ...Read More

Ok, as you can probably guess, Jason's story of the shooting wasn't exactly accurate. First of all, there was no dealing like a table Gretzky or anything like it the card simply hit Cooley's towers of chips and fell face ...Read More

This is great news! I'm about to go visit Jason in the hospital - seems his gunshot wound has healed quite nicely (I guess). I'm bringin him a copy of the Post and the Daily News, and have highlighted for ...Read More