I'm here in my hospital bed with my laptop, typing with one hand because Eric shot me.  Great, Eric.  What the fuck? Okay, here's what happened: we're playing poker, it's like 3 in the morning and I'm winning big.  We're all ...Read More

Cooley before I shot him

Now, we all know the classy thing to do is remain calm and cool and do the right things that people wouldn't expect from you. That's how it goes down in hindsight ... the obvious choice there like stereotypical HOTEL ...Read More


Eric O says: WHERE'S THE ENTRY? Eric O says: oops. foiled by caps lock jason_cooley says: i thought the files were still too big so I made em smaller Eric O says: bated breath jason_cooley says: also took me awhile to figure out how to export to your photos jason_cooley ...Read More

Today is Tuesday, which means I'm going over to Pure Pop Records to see what the new releases are.  It's a habit I've had since 1987, when I was anticipating Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls" to come out.  There's a ...Read More

at the Bolt

Woke up with the small heavy head, like a densely packed object you could hold in your hands ... contents under pressure ... which is not as bad as it may seem. Good date for numerology, or at least for people ...Read More


Productive days make life seem so healthy and on track, despite the fact that 1 week ago this moment (5:06pm) I was ear-deep in barsmoke and sealed in the bag. Me and Jason, Jason and I, off to the bank, ...Read More

nice nice

I miss Nice Nice. I miss my friends in this FUCKING AWESOME BAND. I haven't seen them in forever, and contact has been somewhat strained (I just mis-typed "stained," and I'm pondering the signifigance, if any). I was to move ...Read More


it has been six hours since we spoke... anything amazing happen to you in six hours? jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: yeah jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: on my way to work ashcarr30@ says: yeah, what jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: this old guy walking in my direction jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: passed out and fell on his face ashcarr30@says: are you telling ...Read More


So, just to let you all know...we've hit a tiny snag in getting our shit available to you online...it won't be much longer...little mini-CDs will be finding their way to you shortly... I'm going to a potluck dinner tonight.  I'm trying ...Read More