Yeah, still sick, SARS jokes abound, thinking of seeing the doc.  I feel like I've seen enough doctors in the past few months. Change is coming.  I'm getting rid of things and replacing them with others.  I'm becoming a robot again.  ...Read More


Fucking sick again.  This sucks.  You know how it is, no need to explain. May is going to be a busy month around here.  Finishing up the School Bus ''Blue Button'' CD, mixing some Kochalka tracks, finishing up the Kochalka album, ...Read More

I just coughed.  I'm sick.  Just in time for spring.  2003 has been the year of health problems for me.  Eyes, brain, teeth, knuckles, back, neck...what the hell happened? The next School Bus CD will either be called "Blue Button" or ...Read More

ok So it wasn't a fun morning at the dentist's office today.  First, there was a lot of pathetic small talk bullshit happening, mainly: "so...where do work these days?"  I hate this kind of small's why I don't go out ...Read More


There's a soaked little piece of paper towel stuck in my cheek right now.  Why?  It's protecting my tongue from the jagged edge of my now-fillingless tooth.  I was eating some nice chicken curry yesterday at work when BOOP hey, ...Read More

Got sick over the course of last evening ... woke up knowing I had a fever due to my dreams ... fine fine form ... performing a Led Loco show from a large 4 post bed, all of us in ...Read More

This is great news! I'm about to go visit Jason in the hospital - seems his gunshot wound has healed quite nicely (I guess). I'm bringin him a copy of the Post and the Daily News, and have highlighted for ...Read More

I'm here in my hospital bed with my laptop, typing with one hand because Eric shot me.  Great, Eric.  What the fuck? Okay, here's what happened: we're playing poker, it's like 3 in the morning and I'm winning big.  We're all ...Read More

Cooley before I shot him

Now, we all know the classy thing to do is remain calm and cool and do the right things that people wouldn't expect from you. That's how it goes down in hindsight ... the obvious choice there like stereotypical HOTEL ...Read More

I am a Neurologist

so I went to the brain people today.  They stuck all these little wires to my head, had me lie back and do things, like breathing heavy until I got dizzy, flashing strobe lights at my eyes, trying to sleep, ...Read More