So Eric's sick now.  We're both a couple of sickies.  Strangely, neither of our illnesses seems to be related to the cold ass fucking air outside... I have to go to work now... Read More


This is the Icebox kitchen as it appeared at 1:50pm EST. For perspective, check out the flowers as they were. It seemed a congruous visual metaphor for my physical state right now (well, save for the dead part). Can't keep anything down, ...Read More

So this morning I woke up to hear Eric mumbling to himself in the bathroom...something about newspapers and chocolates?  I dunno...guess he's entered his tortured genius phase... I'm going fucking crazy waiting for the new Lightning Bolt record to appear on ...Read More


I just found out it's going to be a month until I find out what's wrong with me.  I think I know anyway...ironically, the doc I'm seeing is the father of this ultra-conservative kid I went to high school with.  ...Read More

Just got back from an uneventful trip to the doctor's office.  I'm going to see a neurologist on Monday.  They're gonna hook up some electrodes to my head and zap me to see what's up.  Can't wait. Michael Jackson can go ...Read More

Now Eric's gone so I've had lots of time to myself, alone in this house, drinkin' PBR tallboys and jerkin' off the 'puter.  My head feels like it's got this heavy liquid inside of it, weighing it down.  My neck ...Read More


It falls down like a structure giving way ... everything at once. Torn between working on the site and working on the CD. They're both there, 1/2 finished, gawking back this way. I hope the folks who are interested in ...Read More


Last Friday, Jan. 31 was the day this site went online, my new School Bus CD went on sale, and I had some weird seizure at work and fell down some stairs.  I don't recall what happened exactly, but after ...Read More

So ... after an embarrassing amount of time, the CDs start coming out ... you get sounds you can live with out of your machine ... can't find the time to record all the things you want to try out ...Read More