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I'm having my first real pang of becoming a responsible adult. I feel boring and old and limited and utterly tethered. I was offered the opportunity to be a part of yesterday's BOADRUM 9 in Troy NY, and turned it down...to ...Read More

ready for saute

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It has been a while, some time, and it may be longer. This is me breaking the surface of the water for a gasp of air. Sunsets over the Verrazano Bridge, sleeping beneath the stench of mothballs and death in my ...Read More

Yeah, still sick, SARS jokes abound, thinking of seeing the doc.  I feel like I've seen enough doctors in the past few months. Change is coming.  I'm getting rid of things and replacing them with others.  I'm becoming a robot again.  ...Read More


So, coming home, it's 12 something in the AM of a perfectly fucked Wednesday morning (por la madrugada), and there are cops out there, talking loud, saying nothing, swaggering between baton and barrel ... and I have the picture to ...Read More


Instrument>sampler>multiple delay boxes>4 track tape recorder>live stereo mix>computer.  Then I sit there and move the mouse around for a while.  What do I get?  Music.  Today I rubbed a wine glass and got some pretty noise. So...a week ago I got ...Read More

It can be be so fucking hard to make myself do something.  I'm trying to force myself to go downstairs and start work on something musical, but it ain't happening.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Once I'm there ...Read More


This here's a scene from this afternoon that we (me and Eric) haven't seen since the latter, white-trash, ambulance/police car/firetruck three-times-a-week-needing nextdoor neighbor days of 34 School St...tho, there weren't the usual screaming sirens this time...maybe they run things different ...Read More

Morning. Waiting to go to the airport. Much calmer. Listening to "Shh/Peaceful" --  track one of of Miles's In a Silent Way ... this may be my favorite album of all time, certainly one I may've listened to the most ...Read More