It has been a while, some time, and it may be longer. This is me breaking the surface of the water for a gasp of air. Sunsets over the Verrazano Bridge, sleeping beneath the stench of mothballs and death in my ...Read More

Waiting for a server to reboot at work, kill 2 minutes ... thinking about our car service fellow this morning, blazing down the Van Wyck at 85 or 90 mph, a wild man behind the wheel, and I didn't even ...Read More

Eric Asleep

I gotta go to work in twenty minutes. Afterwards we're playing some poker here at the house.  We just ate some burgers and freedom fries at Denny's.  Now Eric's asleep on the couch. Read More

Messy Room

This is the scene in my room last night as I began work on the next School Bus CD3, tentatively titled "Earshot, Side 1".  It's the first side of a whole album...maybe it'll turn into a double or a triple ...Read More

It doesn't stop. Despair, i.e. I can't shake the feeling that this is all so short, and for naught. Ugh. My body aches and music makes less and less sense. Read More


Going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor tonight... Lightning Bolt has been surrounding my brain lately.  When at home I play them LOUD LOUD LOUD, then I go to work and they're stuck in my head while I waiting on tables ...Read More

I'm at the old job, and I have a technical question regarding the DNS status of a particular website, not sure if the MX records are configured correctly, et cetera, and the nice fellow Chet puts me on hold, which ...Read More

Ugh. It's a shit swarm of eye strain and fattened ass. Wake up and work at the place that pays me, sit in front of a monitor and keyboard and a real nice mouse, eat lunch, sit back down, then ...Read More

I'm going back to work tonight, after sitting around the Icebox house for the past 12 days.  I'm waiting tables.  Yee haw. I'm doing my taxes now.  Everybody...don't put off doing your taxes!  Do them today!  You'll get your money back ...Read More

Waiting around the house for an important phone call.  I had some trouble sleeping last night after watching this gruesome HBO special about cannibalistic murderers.  The last guy they reported on was this creepy Japanese guy who shot and ate ...Read More