Well it's a dog eat dog Eat cat too The French eat frog And I eat you Long live Bon Scott. Read More

okay I'm sitting here listening to the 30th anniversary reissue remastered "Dark Side of the Moon" CD really loud.  I don't have a SACD player so I can't access the new 5.1 surround sound remix thing...oh, well.  Say what you will ...Read More

Cooley trombone

Sure, take it as it comes. Take a picture. Remember the moment you laughed hardest today, then take it with you. It rains as we bomb. What a glorious morning, I'm happy again. (Ah, Debbie Reynolds coming back to mind ... ...Read More

Sign 2

Here is our van ride down to Boston to see Sigur Ros, and then back again. [gallery link="file"] Read More

not much to say...listening to malkmus and the jicks. the records are selling and people seem to like 'em. weather's getting warmer and my mood is getting better.  I love spring.  I love all the seasons excepting winter.  So why do I ...Read More

I really like this interview with Keith Fullerton Whitman. Read More

What does that mean, anyway? Nothing, really. Just a juxtaposition of what I've taken in over the past 3 hours. Saw "The Hours" (it's not living, per say...it's what you can bear) and am now closing shop while listening to ...Read More

nice nice

I miss Nice Nice. I miss my friends in this FUCKING AWESOME BAND. I haven't seen them in forever, and contact has been somewhat strained (I just mis-typed "stained," and I'm pondering the signifigance, if any). I was to move ...Read More

"Wonderful Rainbow" by Lightning Bolt

"Assassins", from the new album "Wonderful Rainbow" by Lightning Bolt: oummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SCRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BUM BUM BUM BUM deh neh neh neh BUM BUM deh deh BUM deh BUM deh BUM BUM deh DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH BUM BUM BUM BUM deh ...Read More

So our rides flaked because of the sketchy weather yesterday and we missed Godspeed.  Fuck it. I'm listening to Mindflayer's "Take Your Skin Off" LP.  It is good. Read More