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In going through some of the old entries while moving them over to the new website, I found this gem of photo on a Lightning Bolt site. It was taken by god know who at the show at Lupo's in ...Read More


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I brought an MD recorder and a stereo mic down to Central America with me and got a good amount of field recordings/soundscapes/what have you ... now, on the rainy forefront of Spring in VT, I'm two weeks back alongside ...Read More


Eric O says: WHERE'S THE ENTRY? Eric O says: oops. foiled by caps lock jason_cooley says: i thought the files were still too big so I made em smaller Eric O says: bated breath jason_cooley says: also took me awhile to figure out how to export to your photos jason_cooley ...Read More

Sign 2

Here is our van ride down to Boston to see Sigur Ros, and then back again. [gallery link="file"] Read More


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This is what it looked like today. [gallery link="file" columns="2"] Read More

A small garden shrine nestled away at Our Sisters of Mercy.

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This is the Icebox kitchen as it appeared at 8:10am EST. Read More