I'm having my first real pang of becoming a responsible adult. I feel boring and old and limited and utterly tethered. I was offered the opportunity to be a part of yesterday's BOADRUM 9 in Troy NY, and turned it down...to ...Read More


It always starts small, I think. Life, war, a good story. Not sure what I'm thinking exactly, but its there, like someone in your bed or a wart on your finger or the smell of Spring. We've got all the time ...Read More


Our former Icebox roomie, Ashley, writes from the Bigger Country: there are all these men outside my building doing construction-- they bring all the construction workers in from other towns because the labor is so much cheaper... so most have them ...Read More

Yeah, whatta vacation. Fucking hell. Migracion took forever in San Jose airport, they fully dissected my backpack, going so far as to unstitch some of the stitching, think they may've had a laugh at my vat of pomade, and then ...Read More

Well, this has started to really suck. It's snowing here, somewhat with fervor, and I'm stressing the fuck out. I realize my raincoat is missing, something I'll probably need seeing as I'll be in some rainforest bullshit, duh, so I ...Read More

A small note, the resounding punchline intact  .... the way Cooley sings a Bon Scott tune ... the sincerity of a rock notion ... the slur of a drunk. Read More

I'm here in my hospital bed with my laptop, typing with one hand because Eric shot me.  Great, Eric.  What the fuck? Okay, here's what happened: we're playing poker, it's like 3 in the morning and I'm winning big.  We're all ...Read More

So I pour a nice Belgian style, clean up a little detritus about the box, and decide to write a small spiel here ... talk about how the weather's making everything better than bearable (which is what it kind of ...Read More


Ah, yes. We have so much to look foward to, don't we? Bombing ultimatums, colored advisory tides, softening up, the oncoming Peterbilt of cancer and other lurking ailments ... music just seems to suck it up, and film-- well, what ...Read More

Eric wants me to say something.  Okay... All you fuckers that don't use your turn signals when you're driving...FUCK YOU!  Lazy pricks!  All you gotta do is move your fucking hand a couple of inches and the world is a much ...Read More