Fucking sick again.  This sucks.  You know how it is, no need to explain. May is going to be a busy month around here.  Finishing up the School Bus ''Blue Button'' CD, mixing some Kochalka tracks, finishing up the Kochalka album, ...Read More

So I had sort of a breakthrough yesterday, with the music stuff.  I was getting pretty depressed about how things were going, but now I've tripped over some ideas and they sound good.  I even think they can be performed ...Read More


Instrument>sampler>multiple delay boxes>4 track tape recorder>live stereo mix>computer.  Then I sit there and move the mouse around for a while.  What do I get?  Music.  Today I rubbed a wine glass and got some pretty noise. So...a week ago I got ...Read More

It can be be so fucking hard to make myself do something.  I'm trying to force myself to go downstairs and start work on something musical, but it ain't happening.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Once I'm there ...Read More


There's a soaked little piece of paper towel stuck in my cheek right now.  Why?  It's protecting my tongue from the jagged edge of my now-fillingless tooth.  I was eating some nice chicken curry yesterday at work when BOOP hey, ...Read More


This here's a scene from this afternoon that we (me and Eric) haven't seen since the latter, white-trash, ambulance/police car/firetruck three-times-a-week-needing nextdoor neighbor days of 34 School St...tho, there weren't the usual screaming sirens this time...maybe they run things different ...Read More

Cooley trombone

Sure, take it as it comes. Take a picture. Remember the moment you laughed hardest today, then take it with you. It rains as we bomb. What a glorious morning, I'm happy again. (Ah, Debbie Reynolds coming back to mind ... ...Read More

Messy Room

This is the scene in my room last night as I began work on the next School Bus CD3, tentatively titled "Earshot, Side 1".  It's the first side of a whole album...maybe it'll turn into a double or a triple ...Read More


Jeremy Fredrick, drummer extraordinaire and all around rhythm wizard, has just left the building. We're recording some of his pieces for a CD3, and we're very excited. Tonight, we recorded a caustic version of Dizzy Gillespie's "Toccata from Gillepiana" ... ...Read More

beard removal machine

Well, ok, fuck it. The CD3 is done, the album art is done (I guess), the cd art is being made today ... now all that's left is to get some semblance of my life back in order. My muscles ...Read More