As you all know (I hope), that aging Australian band Led LO/CO is coming to town AGAIN (yeah, I know) tonight to play some Woodstock thing at Higher Ground. The main douchebag, Ian (Christ, almighty, he keeps claiming to ...Read More


I just walked by an old woman holding up an "IMPEACH OBAMA" sign that also asked why did WT7 fall on 9/11.  My question was "What in the flying fucking fuck does Obama have to do with 9/11?"  I kept ...Read More

PB 1971 cover

I bought two old magazines that both had a great affect on my life. I purchased them at Speaking Volumes, a great record/book/art store here in ol' Burlin'ton. I went there initially to get an old Playboy but ...Read More


So, not to sound like an utter d-bag, but what is it with the Japanese? They do it like no other. For instance, their vending machine culture blew me away when I was there (sakura, 2004). Hot coffee in a ...Read More

Final conversations.  The ones where you know you're probably never going to speak to the person you're talking to again.  They are painful and weird, but final.  I guess they have to happen.  Deep breath. A Bag Of Panties reissue of ...Read More

Yeah, back.  I'm gonna be honest: it's strange.  But here I go. I work at the bar across the street these days.  It's somewhat soul-crushing.  I watch a lot of grown men in their forties and fifties who I was raised ...Read More

good answer

How long before you ask us where we've been? How long before the camel gets a sharp needle in his lifeless eye? How high is too high? How long before we actually tell you where we've been? Oh yes, so many questions...from us, for ...Read More

Waiting for a server to reboot at work, kill 2 minutes ... thinking about our car service fellow this morning, blazing down the Van Wyck at 85 or 90 mph, a wild man behind the wheel, and I didn't even ...Read More

went out, got drunk last night bruises on my knuckles, balloon around my head ugh why do I do it? more later Read More


A giant cup of coffee that I can just refill and refill and refill as is my God-given American right, that's what I've got right now ... and I don't have to pay extra for milk. My very own black ...Read More