Sorry...been out to lunch for the last couple days. Best records so far this year (that I've heard): "Wonderful Rainbow" by Lightning Bolt "Up In Flames" by Manitoba "Summer Sun" by Yo La Tengo "Dartmouth Street Underpass" by Keith Fullerton Whitman "Parellel Universe" by DJ Broken ...Read More

Morning. Waiting to go to the airport. Much calmer. Listening to "Shh/Peaceful" --  track one of of Miles's In a Silent Way ... this may be my favorite album of all time, certainly one I may've listened to the most ...Read More

Kelly preston Mischief 1985

The world is fucked up.  Ten years ago if asked I would have said that it would be a better place by now, but it's not.  It's worse.  That's it. I just ate a piece of candy.  I think it was ...Read More


Eric O says: WHERE'S THE ENTRY? Eric O says: oops. foiled by caps lock jason_cooley says: i thought the files were still too big so I made em smaller Eric O says: bated breath jason_cooley says: also took me awhile to figure out how to export to your photos jason_cooley ...Read More

[3am, post bombing] - So this is how it trickles down to us ... bylines and sidebars, night-lenses and countdowns ... I could be a mousepad target, for all I know ... we whittle ourselves down to kindling, to co-op ...Read More

So the deadline has passed, and the 24hr news stations are freaking out, they've got their cameras fixed on mosque domes and presidential palaces hoping for a grand ol kinetic shot of Strangelove droppings ... you could go to your ...Read More

So I pour a nice Belgian style, clean up a little detritus about the box, and decide to write a small spiel here ... talk about how the weather's making everything better than bearable (which is what it kind of ...Read More

It's a long walk home at 2am (or 3am, if I were feeling honest). And it's Vermont, so there's ice, and you concentrate so hard on not falling that you tend to not notice what's happening around you as you ...Read More

I'm drunk and beaten down. I love some people and I hate some people the ones I love- they'll never know it the ones I hate- there's nothing that can stop them from being able to tell. Hiding feelings is like hiding a birth defect. If you're human, you know ...Read More

Keeping it on the outside ... plain and simple, avoiding the confusing. Anyway, check out what ol Jimmy C's got to say about our current swoop-down on Iraq (thanks, Brett). Took a Simpson's Character Analysis/Assessment Thingy that my brother sent me, and ...Read More