A giant cup of coffee that I can just refill and refill and refill as is my God-given American right, that's what I've got right now ... and I don't have to pay extra for milk. My very own black ...Read More

Ok, feeling the sun, and rushing. Tomorrow night I arrive and go right to Daniel Johnston, and like Cooley (who is loved by girls), I wonder what that will be like. After Golfito and crazy crazy Panama, hit the black beaches ...Read More

Ok. It´s early, maybe 7:30am, and finally on the Pacific side of the whole deal. Woke up yesterday in the Caribbean -- Bastimento, Panama, to be exact -- and after a full day of travelling consisting of 3 buses, 2 ...Read More

Ok, much has happened, as things tend to. Currently in the islands of Bocas Del Toro, about 2 hours out of Costa Rica. One needs to arrive here by watertaxi, which is a trip in itself. Through narrow rivers (if ...Read More

Yeah, whatta vacation. Fucking hell. Migracion took forever in San Jose airport, they fully dissected my backpack, going so far as to unstitch some of the stitching, think they may've had a laugh at my vat of pomade, and then ...Read More

Morning. Waiting to go to the airport. Much calmer. Listening to "Shh/Peaceful" --  track one of of Miles's In a Silent Way ... this may be my favorite album of all time, certainly one I may've listened to the most ...Read More

Well, this has started to really suck. It's snowing here, somewhat with fervor, and I'm stressing the fuck out. I realize my raincoat is missing, something I'll probably need seeing as I'll be in some rainforest bullshit, duh, so I ...Read More

Sign 2

Here is our van ride down to Boston to see Sigur Ros, and then back again. [gallery link="file"] Read More

What does that mean, anyway? Nothing, really. Just a juxtaposition of what I've taken in over the past 3 hours. Saw "The Hours" (it's not living, per say...it's what you can bear) and am now closing shop while listening to ...Read More

nice nice

I miss Nice Nice. I miss my friends in this FUCKING AWESOME BAND. I haven't seen them in forever, and contact has been somewhat strained (I just mis-typed "stained," and I'm pondering the signifigance, if any). I was to move ...Read More