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In going through some of the old entries while moving them over to the new website, I found this gem of photo on a Lightning Bolt site. It was taken by god know who at the show at Lupo's in ...Read More

Yeah, back.  I'm gonna be honest: it's strange.  But here I go. I work at the bar across the street these days.  It's somewhat soul-crushing.  I watch a lot of grown men in their forties and fifties who I was raised ...Read More

[youtube][/youtube] Amazing. Thank you, Contrarian. Read More

ready for saute

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As part of The Ramble, Swale is playing CCTV this afternoon, from 2pm until 3pm. At home, that'd be on channel 17. In person, that'd be at 294 N Winooski Ave in the BTV. Read More

good answer

How long before you ask us where we've been? How long before the camel gets a sharp needle in his lifeless eye? How high is too high? How long before we actually tell you where we've been? Oh yes, so many questions...from us, for ...Read More

hotter than hell

In December of 1986 I remember sitting in my room on a Saturday night listening to KISS' "Hotter Than Hell" and getting incredibly sad at the realization that there would one day be a time where I would be old ...Read More

It has been a while, some time, and it may be longer. This is me breaking the surface of the water for a gasp of air. Sunsets over the Verrazano Bridge, sleeping beneath the stench of mothballs and death in my ...Read More

I've seen 3 documentaries in the past week, all excellent: Super Size Me (you know this one), The Control Room (about the Arabic television news network Al Jazeera), and last night's Fahrenheit 9/11 (you definitely know this one, and contrary ...Read More