Morning. Waiting to go to the airport. Much calmer. Listening to "Shh/Peaceful" --  track one of of Miles's In a Silent Way ... this may be my favorite album of all time, certainly one I may've listened to the most ...Read More


Eric O says: WHERE'S THE ENTRY? Eric O says: oops. foiled by caps lock jason_cooley says: i thought the files were still too big so I made em smaller Eric O says: bated breath jason_cooley says: also took me awhile to figure out how to export to your photos jason_cooley ...Read More

Now Eric's gone so I've had lots of time to myself, alone in this house, drinkin' PBR tallboys and jerkin' off the 'puter.  My head feels like it's got this heavy liquid inside of it, weighing it down.  My neck ...Read More