It can be be so fucking hard to make myself do something.  I'm trying to force myself to go downstairs and start work on something musical, but it ain't happening.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Once I'm there ...Read More

It's a long walk home at 2am (or 3am, if I were feeling honest). And it's Vermont, so there's ice, and you concentrate so hard on not falling that you tend to not notice what's happening around you as you ...Read More

I'm drunk and beaten down. I love some people and I hate some people the ones I love- they'll never know it the ones I hate- there's nothing that can stop them from being able to tell. Hiding feelings is like hiding a birth defect. If you're human, you know ...Read More

It doesn't stop. Despair, i.e. I can't shake the feeling that this is all so short, and for naught. Ugh. My body aches and music makes less and less sense. Read More