Been to a few rock shows in the past week...Thursday was Daniel Johnston, you know about that. Friday was Cat Power.  Mmmmm...Chan.  All that shit people say about her, her rep for being difficult, I didn't see much of that, maybe ...Read More

What does that mean, anyway? Nothing, really. Just a juxtaposition of what I've taken in over the past 3 hours. Saw "The Hours" (it's not living, per's what you can bear) and am now closing shop while listening to ...Read More

So our rides flaked because of the sketchy weather yesterday and we missed Godspeed.  Fuck it. I'm listening to Mindflayer's "Take Your Skin Off" LP.  It is good. Read More


Going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor tonight... Lightning Bolt has been surrounding my brain lately.  When at home I play them LOUD LOUD LOUD, then I go to work and they're stuck in my head while I waiting on tables ...Read More